Greg Holland – Crafting with Love

Greg Holland – Crafting with Love

When designing a unique piece of jewellery for a customer. Obviously, we have them front of my mind and we put our heart and souls into creating incredible work of art for them.  Our interaction with them during this process means that once completed, the piece gives them a huge sense of delight and evokes a genuine emotional connection to their jewellery. The emotional connection is very real I am not aware for anything that has the same level of emotional connection than jewellery. For me as a designer, achieving this really is the ultimate recognition and a goal that I strive for this on a daily basis.

What my customers may not realize is that, when a piece comes back for a maintenance check or a polish, it really is like seeing an old friend again. The memories flood back of the time spent imagining, sketching, fitting the piece to the customer, hours spent crafting and the challenges we may have overcome to create this special one of a kind piece. 
Greg Holland fine Jewellery – Crafting with Love

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