Blockchain Diamond Traceability

Blockchain Diamond Traceability

I have been waiting to see blockchain technology in our industry and here it is so I have just registered..

Tracr was conceived by De Beers in 2017 as a comprehensive mine-to-customer traceability solution for the entire diamond industry. The pilot project, involving a small group of industry participants, launched in January 2018, following a successful proof-of-concept trial, and is on track for a full launch later this year. BCG Digital Ventures is supporting the development of the platform. De Beers is a major player in various parts of the diamond value chain, providing roughly one-third of the global supply of diamonds by value, and it has long-standing relationships with all relevant industry players. BCG Digital Ventures has strong expertise in business creation, engineering and blockchain architecture, as well as significant experience in building game-changing technologies in partnership with corporates. Tracr by De Beers

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