A Rare Gem

A Rare Gem

Nestled above Broadway in a creative suite, is the best destination store in Newmarket! Greg Holland, a fine jeweller to a very impressive clientele, many of whom have been his customers for over 15 years. A dream catcher of sorts, Greg’s reputation is built on bespoke pieces he interprets from his clients’ desires.

His pieces described by one of his delighted customers, as ‘wearable works of art.’ His entire business is relationship driven and by word of mouth. In fact, Holland has rarely advertised! A specialist in fine jewellery and precious gems, Holland prides himself on sourcing rare gems, often with special projects or people in mind. And when his dealers come over from France, Germany and Sri Lanka, he invites his ‘regulars’ to join the viewing. Most recently, he decided to indulge his time into a personal collection derived from childhood holidays and his love of the New Zealand landscape, called Inspired. The Waimakariri River in the Southern Alps was Greg’s first interpretation, and he created a breathtaking ring from platinum gold, diamonds and Sri Lankan sapphires. It sparkled just like the sun hitting the surface of the river. His clever use of tonal texture with the sapphires, actually made the ring ripple. It’s breathtaking. He put it on my finger (always trouble) and the weight was like nothing I’d felt before. He smiled at my delight and said to me “Quality sells itself and density is platinum pleasure” This ice-cool character has a heart of gold underneath and lives by his motto ‘Craft with Love’.

You can feel it when you walk into his studio, and observe each piece crafted with his passion and creativity. He’s customer driven and has a social conscious too, often sourcing recycled platinum and responsibly sourced NZ gold. He’s won awards for his business ethics and innovation but has also involved himself in the community such as Shave for a Cure and is the official jeweller for the Sir Peter Blake Trust. Reading their thankyou letter, confirmed my intuition that Greg is one of the good guys! In a world where we can choose who gets our dollar, it’s nice to meet a local businessman who has integrity, creativity and is trustworthy. A must-visit for your next investment piece, Greg is a rare gem indeed!

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